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28-11-18, 02:43
I'm not sure I'm on board, but it's interesting.


"Beyond WEIRD Psychology: Measuring and Mapping Scales of Cultural and Psychological Distance"https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3259613

"We present a new tool that provides a means to measure the psychological and cultural distance between two societies and create a distance scale with any population as the point of comparison. Since psychological data is dominated by samples drawn from the United States or other WEIRD nations, this tool provides a “WEIRD scale” to assist researchers in systematically extending the existing database of psychological phenomena to more diverse and globally representative samples. As the extreme WEIRDness of the literature begins to dissolve, the tool will become more useful for designing, planning, and justifying a wide range of comparative psychological projects. We have made our code available and developed an online application for creating other scales (including the “Sino scale” also presented in this paper). We discuss regional diversity within nations showing the relative homogeneity of the United States. Finally, we use these scales to predict various psychological outcomes."



04-03-19, 15:44
Thank you!
I`ve used it for my homework for college

05-04-19, 17:31
But what psychological data they use?? How many individuals?? I am going to test if those with long nails are better driving and make country-scale conclussions.