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29-11-18, 16:32
It's not good news.


A low bound estimate is 153,000 deaths per year in the U.S. alone. The number of illnesses is multiples of that.

If you're in the hospital for some kind of procedure, watch the staff and even the doctors like a hawk. I've seen nurse's aides and LPNs and even nurses and doctors do some appalling things. I had to tell one LPN to go wash her hands and put on clean gloves before she touched my incision. She had totally ignored protocol. It's unbelievable. I don't know if it's where they trained, how they're trained or what, but I never used to see this stuff.

On a related matter, we periodically get recalls of produce, especially lettuce. Hygiene is not something practiced by the people handling this stuff, and unlike in Italy customers as well as employees handle it. Wash your produce, people! People die from this stuff, especially the young and the very old.

For goodness' sakes, aren't parents teaching hygiene, anymore? My mother strictly enforced the rule that the first thing you did after you came home was to wash your hands, and not to even THINK about approaching food or the dinner table without washing. Needless to say there is bathroom hygiene as well. Sometimes I wonder if all this shaking hands is a good idea. Air kisses as we do in Italy are probably a lot safer.

29-11-18, 17:53
I know this will not be politically correct, but it's also bathroom hygiene in the fields.

29-11-18, 19:29
I know this will not be politically correct, but it's also bathroom hygiene in the fields.

I completely agree, Wheal.

I used to think my mother was nuts to wash every bit of produce, including lettuce, and the lengths to which she would go while handling chicken to be hygienic, but she's been proved right, about this as about so many other things. :)

I guess I'm more aware of it because I'm prone to gastrointestinal upsets. I've been to Mexico three times, and once in Cancun where they swore they bring in their own water supply. I also didn't drink water or use ice cubes, and I still got sick, and so did more than half of the people on the parent company trip we were on. It even felled my husband, the bionic man who's never had a headache or the flu, gets one cold every ten years, and prior to that last trip didn't know what an upset stomach felt like. :) I really like Mexico, and particularly the Mexican people, but that's it: no more.

Now you also have to worry about criminality and violence. Such a shame.

05-12-18, 10:24
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