View Full Version : Mitogenomic data indicate Inner Asian and Srubnaya components in ancient Hungarians

21-12-18, 16:22
Mitogenomic data indicate admixture components of Central-Inner Asian and Srubnaya origin in the conquering Hungarians

Endre Neparáczki1,9, Zoltán Maróti2,9, Tibor Kalmár2, Klaudia Kocsy1, Kitti Maár1, Péter Bihari3, István Nagy3,4, Erzsébet Fóthi5, Ildikó Pap5, Ágnes Kustár5, György Pálfi6, István Raskó7, Albert Zink8 and Tibor Török1,*

Endre Neparáczki and Zoltán Maróti contributed equally to this study.

22-12-18, 15:41
Maybe I could have posted this in another thread. I have not red the survey to date, not enough time; it's just to give more data about the question of the Hungarians historical making.