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28-12-18, 22:52
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I'd be happy to share the following helpful project with you. I'm a geneticist for my living. Throughout my work with patients and physicians, i have noticed a huge misunderstandings and misinformation between the two parties. The physicians most of times use very professional terminology nonprofessionals unfamiliar with. On the other hand, patients ought to precisely describe their symptoms and feelings in order to help guide the physician to more successful diagnosis medical management strategy. Efficient communication between the two sides can even prevent misdiagnoses. As a result of the patients' unfamiliarity with medical genetic terminology the patients go under-evaluated and their worried questions unanswered and the physicians have poorer insight into their patients symptoms.
A new promising campaign has been released on Indiegogo that aiming to solve this problem. The Campaign's name is "The First Extensive Medical Genetics Glossary"
Through this campaign we are creating the very first extensive 1000+ medical genetics glossary. Centered around diagnostics, this glossary will serve as a major professional reference for healthcare providers and for patients alike, preparing them for a more efficient and fertile discussion over the patient's situation and medical management. Patients can ultimately get prepared using our platform for discussing their situation with their physician.

Hope you find this post interesting and helpful and the campaign's idea's helpful

11-01-19, 23:43
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22-07-19, 22:46
Not sure it's the righ thread. Still, here it's an article somewhat related: