View Full Version : Is there any data about percentage of WHG admixture in "Vedic steppe pastorals"?

28-01-19, 13:25
Hello there and my interest is following -

Is there any data about percentage of WHG admixture (like in gedmatch.com Eurogenes_ANE K7 Admixture calculator) in "Vedic steppe pastorals"?

The reason about the question is following -
I would like to understand, how much contact with ancient western hunter-gatherers "Vedic people" already had before settling in Indian sub-continent.

As I understand origins of Vedic culture is not at all connected to the WHG people but ANE (Ancient North Eurasians) instead.

The problem and my interest in the matter is because it is obvious that Indo-European language is not the original language of WHG people - Baltic people (Latvian, Lithuanian, Old Prussian) included.
But if that is a case then when exactly we can place the event of contact between WHG (as I understand - mostly predominated by yDNA I1 and I2) and ANE (predominated by R1a yDNA) people?

If we can see a high percentage of WHG ancestry among "Vedic steppe pastorals" settling in Indian subcontinent that it would be a clear indication that "Vedic people" formed before venturing in to India by mixing with WHG and Baltic peoples in the west, first, and then went to India - second.

If - on the other hand - we can see no WHG admixture among "Vedic steppe pastorals" and there os only their own "ANE" admixture - then we could conclude that "Vedic culture" and probably Indoeuropean language also, formed at some point before ANE people migrated to the west in to the Baltic territories, bringing Indoeuropean language, culture and ANE specific genes to the region.

I hope that the matter of my interest makes sense for You and thank You in advance for any response!