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12-02-19, 10:59
I mentioned the issue of genetic modification before, but few people answered.
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Since the Monsanto GM lawsuit lost in the United States, many countries have paid more attention to GM.

The understanding and learning of genetically modified knowledge in the whole country has become a trend in China. However, the Ministry of Agriculture of China still has some corruption of genetically modified food.
I especially want to know if your country's knowledge of genetically modified and non-GM foods is a common phenomenon.
Are you concerned about genetic modification when you buy food in the supermarket?
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13-02-19, 16:46
The “Monsanto” suit likely will be overturned after it goes to to a non jury trial since the original suit was based on fallacies and an uniformed jury that bought into it.
The vast majority of people who eschew GMO products typically are science deniers or have very little understanding of the science behind GMOs.

Monsanto's purchase by the German giant Bayer was completed last summer and no longer exists as a company anymore. It was absorbed into Bayer Crop Science, which is part of the larger Bayer AG firm.

07-05-19, 05:48
Since the Monsanto glyphosate incident, Monsanto has faced increasing challenges.
However, the harm that glyphosate has brought to some farmers has attracted global attention.

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27-06-19, 09:08
I surveyed many supermarkets in our country. Genetically modified foods are becoming more common. (https://www.netclipart.com/isee/iJRbhi_healthy-food-png-transparent-images-healthy-food-transparent/)

28-06-19, 14:40
Again, man has been genetically modified his foods breeding for certain traits in his vegetables/fruits and his animals. It just takes a certain number of generations to accomplish the same feat that now takes no time at all. Now if they can breed pest resistance in fruits and vegetables but without harming the consumer then that's what we want.