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14-02-19, 00:52
See: Shi Heng Wang et al

Lordy, though, starting at 20????

"AbstractBackgroundWhether the paternal age effect on schizophrenia is a causation or just an association due to confounding by selection into late parenthood is still under debate. We investigated the association between paternal age and offspring’s early-onset of schizophrenia controlling for both paternal and maternal predisposition to schizophrenia as empirically estimated using polygenic risk score (PRS) derived from Psychiatric Genomics Consortium.

Among 2923 sporadic schizophrenia cases selected from the Schizophrenia Trio Genomic Research in Taiwan project, 1649 had parents’ genotyping data. The relations of paternal schizophrenia PRS to paternal age at first birth (AFB) and that of maternal schizophrenia PRS to maternal AFB were examined. A logistic regression model of patients’ early-onset (
≤18) on paternal age was conducted.
ResultsAdvanced paternal age over 20 exhibited a trend of an increasing proportion of early-onset (odds ratio per 10-year increase in paternal age = 1.28, p = 0.007) after adjusting for maternal age, sex, and age. Older paternal AFB also exhibited an increasing trend of paternal schizophrenia PRS. Additionally, a U-shaped relationship between maternal AFB and maternal schizophrenia PRS was observed. After adjusting for both paternal and maternal schizophrenia PRS, the association of paternal age with patients’ early-onset remained (odds ratio = 1.29, p = 0.04).

ConclusionsThe association between paternal age and the early-onset schizophrenia is not confounded by parental PRS to schizophrenia, which captures partially parental genetic vulnerability to schizophrenia. Our findings support an independent role of paternal age per se in the increased risk of early-onset offspring."

One take on this:

"Monthly reminder that mother age is mostly trisomies and difficulties conceiving and carrying the baby to term, but father age is x4 mutations per year that can **** up the offspring in pretty much any other way"

Well, Brave New World is definitely on its way: Freeze the sperm as well as the eggs.

14-02-19, 04:09
20??? I find that so hard to believe.

16-02-19, 08:28
20??? I find that so hard to believe.

Isn't it just meant to be "from 20 upwards*, like as in - 20 was their baseline and then they knew there was 1.28 fold increased risk per ten years older than 20 the father was.

And now they showed that this finding was independent of genetics and that's the novelty?