View Full Version : Guess and classify these men

15-02-19, 10:51
Please, the origin and classification of these men.


15-02-19, 12:04
They look Romanian

15-02-19, 17:05
The filenames give it away (Romanians, just as Carlos cheated to see!) - I would have guessed Pontic Ukrainians though.

They're mostly Pontids, with Carpathid, Gorid and North Pontid influences

15-02-19, 19:04
^^I only get to Romanians, the rest I leave to you.

15-02-19, 21:35
One and two look Greek to me, the young man in number 4 Italian. The man in number three looks more like my image of "Balkan", and number 5 maybe Aegean Greek.

I've actually spent some time in Romania, and my impression (don't know if it's correct) is that there's a lot of variation. The people in the Transylvanian mountains looked quite different from the people of the plain and near the Black Sea.

Good looking people I thought, and very warm with foreigners, at least the ones I met.