View Full Version : Croatian food in New York

19-02-19, 22:45
It's really Istrian food, so, basically Northern Italian, with just a few of what I would consider strictly Croatian dishes.

The food is really good in both places. I used to go frequently with my Croatian friends, most of whom own Italian restaurants. I go less frequently now because it doesn't really get going until around 11 PM when they close their restaurants. That's when the instruments come out and they play dance music, as in waltzes, mazurkas, etc. :) Such fun. Whenever I walked in they'd start playing old Italian dance tunes. Wonderful people.

The rest of the time it looks like an old mens' club where they play cards and watch soccer.

If you're brave, just go in and they'll direct you to the restaurant.

For visiting Croatians, my friends tell me it's just like being home. :)


The gnocchi with veal sauce, in fact, anything with the veal sauce is delicious, and so is the veal itself, and fresh grilled fish, and the crepes...well, I could go on and on. :)


Of the two I prefer Rudar's.