View Full Version : DNA matches according to raw data uploads

09-03-19, 20:05
I noticed that the number of matches changes significantly depending on which raw data you upload.

23andme: 223 matches

AncestryDNA: 419 matches

Living DNA: 195 matches

I uploaded the different raw data to see the different kinds of results I would get on the autosomal test. But I am not going to pay $29 for it, each.

28-07-19, 15:06
New MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry Kit.

Until recently, MyHeritage DNA tests were processed using Illumina’s Omni chip. To provide the customers with a more robust and powerful analysis, it was done an upgrade to a new and more advanced custom-designed version, based on Illumina’s Global Screening Array (GSA) chip. The process of designing the content of the new chip and working with Illumina for MyHeritage, to manufacture it for the company took more than a year, according to them. It is offered to costumers the following Scientific expertise:

27 personalized health reports are generated based on rigorous scientific research;

Offers multiple polygenic risk reports;

Reveals a wealth of information with a simple cheek swab.

That means more SNPs tested, including more Y-DNA and mtDNA SNPs and, of course, more matches. I just buy and received my new kit. I am anxious. I already returned the kit to Houston, TX. Now is wait :)