View Full Version : What should i do ?

12-03-19, 10:27
I want to "emigrate" in another country and some people are encourage me to do so but i don't know who to contact. I am sick and can't work and i also have zero privacy. Some disturbing things happen that affects me and my parents.I was thinking to move in a big and safe country like Germany, France, UK, Italy or another... where the weather is similar or perhaps a little colder. My parents don't want to leave, but if i go first maybe i can convince them to come too. Finding some one to come with me is also dificult atleast as long as i am still here. I could go alone but i don't know how i could manage by myself until i bring my parents or i found someone...

Efrain Garve
26-07-19, 12:35
Changes are not always bad. Even if you may think so now. You'll see in any case it's gonna be okay. One day

27-07-19, 15:22
Since you're vietnamese wouldn't Singapore, Japan and South Korea easier targets?