View Full Version : A genetic basis for insomnia

12-03-19, 16:11
It is connected to physical health (cardiac disorders) and unsurprisingly, mental health.


I do think there's a sort of "situational" insomina, which most people might experience, i.e. before a big test or meeting, or big life event, which is caused by normal anxiety, although even then some people are probably more prone to it than others.

As a child and young girl, while I could never sleep easily during the day I would fall asleep at night as soon as my head hit the pillow. Life changes that for a lot of people.

12-03-19, 16:26
I used to fall asleep at very late hours of the night, when I was younger. But then I got into the habit of waking up very early, around 5 am. I really feel energized around this time of day. I find that morning people are rare, and most people like to sleep in a bit. Nevertheless, I usually fall asleep around 11, or a bit later regardless, so it is less than 8-7 hours of rest. I've never been much of an extended sleeper.

I think situational insomnia certainly affected me in the past. But eventually as what ever is causing anxiety is over, my normal sleeping patterns return.

13-03-19, 06:23
I don't know if it is due to stress but I've been having a bad sleep habit as I wake up every 2 hours and there's a need for me to drink water.

11-09-19, 07:56
It seems like a nervous disorder or a huge stress situation. I highly recommend you to visit the doctor. just in case to be sure that insomnia will not cause another disease later. My pediatrician recommended me using a wedge pillow (https://www.bestadvisor.com/bed-wedges) in order to get rid of some symptoms of insomnia and drink herbal tea 1 hour before sleep. This little tip helped me much to sleep calmly at nights