View Full Version : Why do FTDNA and Geno 2.0 have their own threads

24-03-19, 15:07
when these tests are pretty much obsolete now? Even Living DNA which was hyped here is becoming a disappointment, getting universal negative reviews on facebook and lacking samples from regions outside of the UK. It just seems odd to have threads specifically for tests that are awful. Why have a thread for Geno 2.0 but not 24Genetics, a company with more reference populations and SNP coverage?

24-03-19, 15:31
If you tested with 24Genetics, what’s your Haplogroup and Neanderthal % ?

25-03-19, 02:29
Actually, LivingDNA uses one of the most advanced technologies (Sirius) and provides all autosomal, yDNA and mtDNA in a very affordable combo, while Geno 2.0 uses Helix, which means full DNA sequencing (not merely genotyping), plus a very good value for money if one is into deep ancestry (yDNA, mtDNA)