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04-04-19, 15:31
Which region has more Germanic dna,Walloonia,Baden Wuttenberg, Luxembourg or england or french Swiss?
Which is more Celtic?

04-04-19, 16:27
England for both of those questions.

05-04-19, 03:54
I don't think there's a clear cut answer for that. There's so much variety and I'm willing to guess there was a lot of intermixing with the Celts, Goths, Cherusci, Frisians, Teutons and what later became the Saxons. The Germans were never really unified as tribes but neither were the Celts, even though both cultures spread across a good sized area.

07-04-19, 00:44
If we speak of ancient times, I think germanics, if mixed at the origin, kept their homogeneized mix longer than Celts did; these last one encompassed a huge territory and rapidly lost a big part of their previous homogeneity.
French Swiss, I think, apart its Celtic component, is the one which kept the most of pre-Celtic pre-Germanic components. SOme partso of it (Geneva region) were also more latinized with culture and DNA. But all this is forum bets.

07-04-19, 17:28
Maybe I should have said,do they desend more from Celtic tribes or Germanic tribes?thanks

07-04-19, 17:36
We still don't have good samples from Hallstatt (Celtic) and Jastorf (Germanic) so it's really difficult to say for now.