View Full Version : Will other planets be colonized by short humans?

22-05-19, 04:49
If you have a spacecraft with a limited amount of space and a limited amount of food supplies, it is better to take 150 short settlers than 100 tall settlers (for example). Taking this into consideration, can we expect that in the future other planets will be colonized by short people, while tall people like me - and our genes - will be doomed to remain on Earth? Unless they take with them also hibernated children, genetic material or reproductive cells.

Is being tall a dead end of evolution? For example Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, was just 157 cm short.

22-05-19, 07:24
BTW most of potentially habitable exoplanets discovered so far are bigger than Earth, and so gravity is likely higher there:


Such planets are not an ideal environment for tall people. A stocky and short breed of humans would be better adapted.

22-05-19, 07:40
people and animals who lived for a long time in isolation on a remote island became short, because population becomes to big and resources remain limited

on the other hand, paleolithic hunters on the European tundra steppe were tall
the food was running around on the tundra, but you needed strength to catch it

I guess veggie people on planet earth are going for the first model
the purpose is to stuff planet earth with as many humans as possible

22-05-19, 07:48
Resources on other planets will likely also be limited and there will very likely be shortages of oxygen.

Look at human races who survive in low oxygen and high altitude environments. How do they look like?

They are short and stocky. Peoples like Tibetans, Peruvian Quechuas, Bolivian Aymaras come to mind.

22-05-19, 08:00
Why do you think in our Science Fiction novels and movies, inhabitants of other planets are, usually, depicted as very short creatures?:



On subconscious level SF creators already know what I'm discussing here. That short people are better adapted for space colonization.