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23-05-19, 17:55

"It has taken more than 220 years but an order of monks at Grimbergen Abbey, producers of a fabled medieval beer whose brand was adopted by mass producers in the 1950s, have started to brew again after rediscovering the original ingredients and methods in their archives.
In a sign of the significance of the news for beer-loving Belgians, the announcement was made by the abbey’s subprior, Father Karel Stautemas, in the presence of the town’s mayor and 120 journalists and enthusiasts."

"Stautemas admitted it might be best not to drink too much of the newly produced beer, which is 10.8% alcohol by volume. “One or two is OK,” said Chris Selleslagh, the mayor of Grimbergen, a town six miles north of Brussels."

"Only some elements from the recipe books are being used by the monks. “I don’t think people now would like the taste of the beer made back then,” Stautemas said.
Marc-Antoine Sochon, the newly appointed master brewer for the abbey, said: “In those times, regular beer was a bit tasteless, it was like liquid bread.”
The lack of artificial additives, use of wooden barrels and exploitation of particular local soil – or terroir – is being emulated."

Efrain Garve
26-07-19, 12:42
Me too! I don't really trust people who don't like beer