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04-06-19, 14:24
23andme tested me as E-V13 then I decided to check with yseq
they replied
Your final haplogroup is E1b-A9723.

Quick results summary:
E1b-V13 Panel
Z5017 G-
Z5018 G-
S3003 C-
CTS5856 A+
V13 A+
Y16729 A-
Y19509 G-
Z16663 T-
S7461 T-
A9723 C+
A7730 T-

Reading threads from Eupedia, they say it is rarer in the E-V13 tree from YSEQ (but I don't find the link with yfull tree) and probably not from any recent population in the Balkans

I have only basic knowledge about my father and grand-father and only knew my father's mother (grandma)
They both originated from the north of Italy both looking like Austrians

Please does it make any sense? thanks!

Best regards,

07-06-19, 20:49
Dear Guillaume!

I'm EV13+, but I came from the Z5017 branch. You are CTS5856+ but I don't know what is the situation the BY3880 SNP.

If you are BY3880+, it means, our last common father lived 1800 BC, I think he was one of a bearer of the Unetice culture. In the late period, and his sons have spread throughout Europe with the waves of the Tumulus culture-groups and later the Urnfield culture groups. That's how they got to the Balkans, Western Europe, Scandinavia, East Europe and the Near East.

If you are BY3880-, it means, our father lived 2500 BC, and he was a member one of an indo-european tribes. Somewhere between today Ukraina and Germany. (I think the valley of the Danube is the most likely with an R1b dominant tribe)

I asked Thomas Krahn, what is the exact position of A9723, because I couldn't find it either on Yfull. When he answers, maybe we will be smarter.

08-06-19, 04:42
Dear Guillaume!

Answer from Thomas Krahn:

The marker was found by Steve Fix. You might want to contact him and ask for more info.

All I know is that A9723 is below CTS5856 and it was an independent branch at the status of 2016.

And answer from Steve Fix:


You are negative for A9723 (B38 6910287 G>C) 4G at that location per your YSEQ bam. See L618-V13 NGS Project tree for placement on that tree


YFULL sample YF02828 is positive for it but I am not sure they have any other samples that share it(have not checked). There is at least one other FTDNA BigY sample that shares it but I have not checked recently for others.

YF02828 is positive for BY3880 but that location was shown to be unreliable in BigY B37 so you won’t see it on our tree. We have been looking at the new FGC Long Read test but it also appears to have multiple sequences being mapped into that location so at this point it remains to be seen whether this should be used in phylogeny in my opinion.

According this, A9723 is 3750 years old (1750 BC), and I bind this to Unetice culture.

08-06-19, 10:39
Hi wildcat_paris (https://www.eupedia.com/forum/members/97173-wildcat_paris)
It's better to check your Branch in a company Y FULL

10-06-19, 23:56
Hello kuzmosi, hello readers,

thank you for your help. it gives me a certain perspective. So E1b-A9723, men moved from the Balkans to the north (the place later known as the root area of the slavic religion) as you mention the elder "Unetice culture"

yseq hasn't tested BY3880 and E-BY6357 .
Would it be useful?
YSEQ V13>Z1057>CTS5856>A9723
FTDNA haplotree gives E-V13>E-CTS8814>E-BY3880>E-BY6357>E-BY6203 (A9723)
ISOGG CTS5856>PF2211/V13>A9723
YFULL BY3880> not found???

I am a bit lost in the STR vs SNP processing with Y DNA, one part analyses the repetitions and the other looks at specific mutations.

I have switched to Yseq because the package is affordable, that's 84 USD to strip down E-V13


23andme gives E-V13 for the full package of 99 USD, that's money-wise efficient.

I started with Y-DNA37, I am listed as E-M35 (on top of E-V13).
I added more bucks with YDNA-67 and still listed as E-M35 (wasted money?)
12 markers: 0 match
25 markers: 1 match (related to a Y-DNA37 profile)
37 markers: 0 match
67 markers: 0 match
I don't know if my Y-DNA is rare because the full mtDNA analysis J2b1a gives a limited but still 20 matches (HVR1, HVR2) and 7 approximate matches for the full sequence

if you have a piece of advice please, I am unsure I am going to learn anything beyond what I have learnt now.

would yfull be useful?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

11-06-19, 01:46
Salut , Guillaume !

I hate to say it but doing a full sequence is the way to go IMHO.
Looks like this is the clade you belong to but which branch exactly is hard to say.
At the moment upgrade from Y37 to BigY 700 is USD 459...might or might not drop to USD 399 at some coming promotions later in the year. Kinda "buy once cry once" thing.

On the ISOGG tree your branch is still "Investigational items" (waiting for somebody else's results to be analyzed and confirmed etc.)

As for the mtDNA result - you may upload it for $25 at YFULL for analysis and placement on the tree:

...or , if you decide to do a Full YDna sequence, upload both results for $49(the mt result will be analysed for free).

The results on the Yfull trees NOT starting with YF (e.g.KMxx;JQxx etc) are from scientific publications and researches. You may decide to upload your mtFull result on GenBank . This is a list of published sequences (among them regular FTDNA testees):

And the MtPhyloTree which is overdue: