View Full Version : I-Z2069 (I2a2a1a2a1)

06-06-19, 15:05
I had made another DNA-test with Living-DNA. The Result of my Y-Haplogroup is now I-Z2069 (I2a2a1a2a1). The phylogenetic tree in Eupedia of I-2a2a ends for me with Y3721. Is there anything known about I-Z2057, I-1229 and I-Z2069? Are they also Megalith-Builder?

06-06-19, 15:43

I-Z2069 is approximately 5200 years old according to YFull, with a TMRCA of 4900 years ago. It seems to be spread from Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Italy, as well as areas known to have had European settlement. I2 is quite old in Europe (like all I-M170+ haplogroups) and we have quite a large list of ancient I2 samples.

21-08-19, 15:01
EUPEDIA has the answer: "Z2069 is more common but has a narrower distribution, limited mostly to central and northern Germany, England, Normandy and other parts of France. It is also found among English surnames in Ireland, although not Norman ones (but rather Anglo-Saxon ones). Its much higher density in Germany and England than in Denmark or France, and its absence from Sicily, indicate that it is probably an Anglo-Saxon lineage rather than Norman/Viking."
No wonder, it is proof, that the ancestors of my fatherline live in Lower Saxony (south of Hanover) over more than 500 years. The closest genetically match of my Y-DNA comes from Norfolk, East-Anglia, England (UK).