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21-06-19, 17:46

"https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/survey-suggests-cat-breed-behaviors-are-largely-inherited-180972438/Your Cat’s Attitude Actually Is Closely Linked to Its Breed, Survey Shows
Nearly half of breed behavioral differences can be attributed to hereditary factors"Cat lovers won't be surprised. Not only are there differences across breeds, but there are individual differences within breeds.

I've had a Russian Blue, and true to form she was very intelligent (I taught her to play fetch and other games), but rather reserved.

I currently have two "rescue" cats. The female is shy and hides when any strangers come in. The male is extremely friendly and gregarious: he greets all guests by rubbing against their legs and asking to be petted. He's a complete mush, and follows me from room to room; hates to be alone. They both go into "submission" mode often, i.e. on their backs allowing their stomachs to be petted. They also both are very jealous. I'm swatting away their paws as I type. :)
Sometimes all three (2 cats and the dog) get "hissy" about who gets to sit closest.

My mother had a cat that was almost like a dog. He would follow her when she walked to a nearby store and the post office, wait outside until she was done, and then follow her home. He also learned lots of tricks. Unfortunately, she had him neutered before she knew his personality and traits. She should have bred him.

So, I think it's some combination of specific genetics and how they're treated.

All of that said, and apologies to those who love them, but I've never met a Siamese cat I liked, or even a Persian, for that matter.

21-06-19, 23:21
We have a bengal cat that we bought from a breeder. Since she also shows cats she breeds them not just for show quality but also docile temperament (the cat has to be able to tolerate handling by the judges) her cats are very well behaved. We had another bengal cat, a female that was smarter, friendlier but also more high strung. He's much more chill but does not want to be carried. He won't come out and greet strangers in the first 5 minutes but if you let him smell your hands he becomes much more friendly. Very talkative and likes to hang around with his humans. He will follow the moving human. We call him the mailman because he bring the unopened mail from the kitchen counter to us. Bothof our cats used to fetch when they were younger but have gotten kind of indifferent about it as they grew up.

23-06-19, 16:25
I've always preferred having dogs and I had never had cats, three years ago I found a little cat when strolling through a national park in Portugal but only 3 km away from Spain (probably with a month and half of age), brought it home and took care of it. The vet said the cat was at least partially of wild stock. Now I've had it and she follows me around like a dog, she greets everyone including the kids and nephews and so on. And as a bonus I've never seen a rat again in my old grandpas farm house.

23-07-19, 16:52
I have a little 'foundling'. She is small for her age and her markings are grey and white, striped on one side and dotted on the other. She used to play hide and seek with me, running behind my bedroom door, and when I would sneak up to the door, she would jump out and tap me on the foot. Of course I would run and hide behind the same door, and she would jump behind the door and tap me on the foot. Her name is Mousey Tongue, because I taught history.... yes we call her Mao.