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11-07-19, 23:45
Hi, This is my first post here and I am hoping that I am posting on the correct forum page. I had my brother take the 23andme DNA test so that I can get our haplogroup and it came back as I-L205.1. When I read the information on that haplogroup I was surprised when I got to the part about I-M253 breaking off into I-L22 and that it was at a time when King Aistuf ruled Lombard. Maybe I am thinking to much into it (which is likely), but my family surname with that haplogroup is Stolfi which is a derivative of the name Aistulf. Nearly all Stolfi's were from the Avigliano area in Southern Italy, but I can only go back to the mid-1800's on that line of my family. I attached my brother's DNA incase that matters (everything from Southern European down is from our father). I believe the Western Asian may have come from our father's mother (she was from Calabria). I guess I'm wondering if it's likely that my Stolfi family with the haplogroup of I-L205.1 were likely Germans and also what happened between the I-L22 and I-L205.1 - 23andme left that information out. I'm very curious about where my family was before it was in Avigliano. Thanks in advance for any info! Sorry, i just realized that since I am new on here that I can't post attachments - it's unlikely anyway that seeing his dna results would help answering my question anyhow!

16-07-19, 17:57
I think the most likely explanation is that you are descended from the Normans. L205 is found in places where they have settled, like England and France.