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citizen of the world
21-07-19, 23:12
Hi, i'am tunisian frome a family belonging to black community in south Tunisia,I want to share with you my 23andme result .my 23and me ancestry result seems different with my others results with FTDNA, national geographic, Britain's dna and myheritage (uploaded file from my family finder result). Now the results :
Subsahran africa: 64,5%

Northern east africa:29,4%

West africa:20,8%

Broadly subsahran african:6,5%

Western asia&north africa:30,4%


- Paternal haplogroup: R-M459 ( i'am R-yp1276 on ftdna and yfull, it is a branche of R-M459).

-Maternal haplogroup: L2A1C (same result with ftdna, national geographic and britain'dna)

08-09-20, 00:10
we have the same L2A1c

10-02-21, 00:20
I have the same as well. This means our mother's line is connected.

10-02-21, 00:21
I have the same too.