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30-07-19, 11:01
I've compiled the known ancient samples that are Y-DNA haplogroup I1, and keeping track using a Google Map which can be found here: https://bit.ly/2Z3CJk7

Clicking on any of the pins or the name of the sample in the left hand list will zoom in and provide a pop-up with more information about the sample - a short summary of the archaelogical context, my calls on Y-DNA SNPs from the raw data and a link to the research paper that the samples were described in.

If the if the raw data is available, I have been looking in the BAM files of these sequenced genomes, verifying or refuting original assignments and where possible assigning a more downstream or refined subclade. In some cases, it's dependent on the quality of the aged sample and how comprehensive the sequencing was.

The 92 I1 samples from the recent preprint on "Population genomics of the viking world" have been added to the map, but the raw data of these samples in the form of BAM files is not yet available, so these samples have been added with the Y-DNA haplogroup and subclade given in the preprint. I'll update those designations as and when the BAM files become available. Samples from earlier publications have had a more in depth look at the BAM files where those have been available.

14-09-19, 18:18
A fantastic tool, many thanks!
Any idea / location for I1 - CTS 9352?

14-09-19, 20:06
A fantastic tool, many thanks!
Any idea / location for I1 - CTS 9352?

Not found in any ancient I1 samples so far. Closest would probably be VK552 I-CTS7362 individual from the boat burials in Salme, Estonia.
Two good Y-DNA mapping resources available are Hunter Provyn's Phylogeographer and Robin Spencer's SNP Tracker. Both of these compute SNP locations based on the self-reported locations of modern descendants. Phylogeographer uses YFull as a dataset, SNP Tracker uses FTDNA.
Phylogeographer: https://phylogeographer.com/
SNP Tracker: http://scaledinnovation.com/gg/snpTracker.html

15-09-19, 12:13
Thanks for your swift response.
Indeed, it seems that there is CTS7352 between CTS9352 and Z60+.
I missed this one on your list. Interesting Sweden / Viking connection.

17-09-19, 00:15
Yes, the boat burials found at Salme, Estonia were a big discovery - predates the first textually documented raid (in Lindisfarne in 793) by nearly half a century. 41 individuals (including four brothers) and the autosomal DNA and isotope date suggests a Scandinavian origin, with the isotope data specifically indicating the Mälaren area in Eastern Sweden.

I'd also say to check back a bit later on the samples with the VK prefix. The raw data hasn't been released yet (this is likely to be when the preprint is officially published) so all we have to go on are the designations that the preprint stated, such as VK552 I1a2a1a1d (which translates to I-CTS7362). Once the raw data becomes available and I can take a look in the BAM file, I may be able to assign a subclade further downstream. Also the same for several of the VK samples that are listed at a parent branch (ie, I1, I-DF29, I-Z59, etc.).

You may also want to get in touch with Erik Holmlund - he's interested in the subclades of I-Z60 that are not I-Z140 or I-Z73 (the largest two sub-branches). There's a blog post here https://holmlunds.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/i1-cts8647-z60-tree/?fbclid=IwAR0cmm5b35EDXsDBSxc5LwinnA8XZmlEpn-JasudeOBPKi5pq2rA_wWodZA - it's over a couple of years old so he might have something a bit more recent.