View Full Version : PT Tagus' 23andMe results

PT Tagus
05-08-19, 16:35

Y-DNA haplogroup: G-L91 :shocked: :laughing:

MtDNA haplogroup: H (subclade not specified)


Lisbon and Leiria districts were accurate, matching what I knew of my maternal family general history.
Lower accuracy regarding paternal family regions. Beja District is shown at the bottom of the list.

15-12-19, 04:01
I got mine and it showed accurately Leiria and Santarem districts, but it was interesting that the Azores was #1. I guess that Portuguese-Americans and maybe Portuguese-Canadians are overrepresented because they account for 70% of the diaspora in North America despite being around 2.5% of Portugal's population.

15-12-19, 18:55
G-L91? That's farmer DNA! My Dad wanted to have a farmer y-haplogroup, but no, Fritz, you have to be content with the fact that we are steppe barbarians, flooding into the South Baltic from the steppe, conquering the farmers and taking their daughters. I do have farmer mtdna, but I do not know about my father, though.