View Full Version : Turk with I-CTS2208

01-09-19, 17:20
Hi together. I got my SNP pack results from FTDNA. I was tested positive for I1>L22>Z74>CTS2208. I also entered my data to Nevgen and the prediction was I-BY2572(I-Y13391) All of my ancestors come from the same village in Antalya province in Southwest Turkey.

01-09-19, 20:50
Perhaps you descend from Varangians or Normans?

05-09-19, 19:03
You have a balkan ancestor that was either taken during ottoman period at a young age or was already there from byzantine era. This balkan ancestor would have been a North European/viking who invaded illyrian/thracian area initially, I am sure there was wars between the parties and then followed by peace.
In Albania there is 8% i1, not sure about other balkan countries

05-03-21, 13:45
Interesting, maybe it is from a goth

06-03-21, 19:57
You probably descend from a Goth settler in the Balkans turned janissary. Or from a Varangian.