View Full Version : J1b1a1a but with Indian subcontinent element

03-09-19, 15:27
Hi, my wife's haplogroup is J1b1a1a and her autosomal reading gives her 93% Britain and Ireland ancestry, born in England and can trace her family back to pre-1400.

However, there are also 2.5% Asia (Central) and 1.3% Asia (South) elements.

Just curious as to what this could represent - the romantics say this came from a traveller following what was or what would become the Silk Road, but how realistic is that?

Autosomal spread (LivingDNA):
Europe 96.1% Great Britain and Ireland 92.9%

Europe (South) 3.2%

Asia (Central) 2.5%
Northwest Caucasus 2.5%

Asia (South) 1.3%
Indian subcontinent 1.3%