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07-09-19, 16:29
Exhibit at the Peabody Museum. Fascinating stuff.


"On view until June 2020, the “Ancient Mesopotamia Speaks” exhibit at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History showcases the relics of a civilization that was the birthplace of crucial aspects of the modern world — writing, political institutions and urban culture."

"The exhibit contains hymns composed by the priestess Enhedu-anna, who is the earliest known recorded author in world history, according to Frahm. It also includes the oldest cookbook in the world, a tablet that accurately calculates the square root of two to eight decimal places, a recreation of the Code of Hammurabi and several clay tablets and seals that display cuneiform writing. "

"The objects on view reveal that in ancient Mesopotamia, parents had lullabies for children, kings constructed untrue accounts of their own greatness, students were distracted in school, people tried to evade taxes."