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09-09-19, 17:35
Hi there!

According to FTDNA my haplogroup is J1-YSC235 (negative for everything else after it)!

Here are my results:

BY102-, BY4-, BY5-, BY65 *, BY66-, BY69-, BY72-, BY8-, BY89-, CTS11741+, CTS2263 *, CTS4459-, CTS5332-, CTS8120-, F1614-, F2306-, F4036-, F4303-, F4306-, F450-, FGC1-, FGC10095-, FGC10588 *, FGC11740-, FGC11743-, FGC12 *, FGC12309-, FGC12832-, FGC12836-, FGC15938-, FGC15940-, FGC16651-, FGC1695-, FGC1696-, FGC1705-, FGC1713-, FGC1721-, FGC1723-, FGC2-, FGC3695-, FGC3706-, FGC3716-, FGC4279 *, FGC4290 *, FGC4302-, FGC4309-, FGC4316 *, FGC4415-, FGC4451 *, FGC4453-, FGC4465-, FGC44917-, FGC4745-, FGC496-, FGC5-, FGC5388-, FGC5989-, FGC6-, FGC6064-, FGC7-, FGC7393-, FGC7638 *, FGC7944-, FGC8195-, FGC8216-, FGC8223-, FGC8712-, FGC8806-, FGC8809-, L136 *, L222-, L620+, L65-, L816-, L818-, L823-, L829-, L858-, L860 *, L93-, M267+, M365-, M4320-, M9119 *, P56-, P58+, PF4644 *, PF4816+, PF4869-, PF7257-, PF7261-, PF7263-, PF7264-, PF7267-, PH1443-, S12192-, S13122-, S20171-, S4924-, YSC0000076-, YSC0000141 *, YSC0000234-, YSC0000235+, Z18243-, Z18256-, Z18258-, Z18271-, Z1828-, Z18290-, Z18292-, Z18294-, Z18297-, Z1842-, Z1853+, Z1865+, Z18718-, Z1885+, Z20773-, Z20775-, Z2217+, Z2223-, Z2324+, Z640-, ZS10589-, ZS10792-, ZS11641 *, ZS1281-, ZS1488-, ZS1559-, ZS1644-, ZS1662-, ZS1682 *, ZS1706-, ZS1711-, ZS1766-, ZS2050-, ZS2072-, ZS2151-, ZS222-, ZS2257-, ZS2260-, ZS237-, ZS241-, ZS2513-, ZS2518-, ZS2527-, ZS2566-, ZS3289-, ZS3668-, ZS3736-, ZS3804-, ZS3856-, ZS3860-, ZS3979-, ZS4307-, ZS4376-, ZS4922-, ZS5010-, ZS5379-, ZS5891-, ZS6056-, ZS6057-, ZS6591-, ZS7111-, ZS8281-, ZS8291-, ZS8398-, ZS84-, ZS8485-, ZS8506-, ZS8629-, ZS9034-, ZS9101-, ZS9418-, ZS9949-

Well, at first I thought that maybe my ancestor was arab (I'm portuguese and you know, arabs and moors crossed the sea and were here for almost 800 years) but then I read Maciamo's J1 eupedia page and according to him, my ancestor was not arab (quote below):

"Only the FGC12 subclade is linked to the propagation of Islam and the Arabic language from Saudi Arabia from the 7th century CE."

So, was my ancestor some farmer from the late neolithic maybe?