View Full Version : Why do men send "explicit" photos?

12-09-19, 15:07
Well, this author thinks the reason is that men believe women would react the way they would if the corollary occurred, i.e. a woman sent "them" unsolicited "explicit" photos.


This woman's experiment doing just that would seem to support the conclusion: far from being offended, the men all wanted to meet her.


I personally think that's part of it, but first of all, men should have gotten the pictures by now that most women wouldn't respond well to that, and when a man continues to do it after being caught, arrested etc. i.e Wiener, I think you've got some sort of mental health issue involved.

12-09-19, 20:40
I find the title quite offensive.
I don't send dick pics. Nor do I know any men around me doing this.

12-09-19, 22:24
Well, men do it I’m afraid (I have no reason to doubt the women who say this is so). I suspect these men are rather proud of their endowment and can’t imagine that a woman would fail to be impressed. We all believe things about other people that just ain’t so.

12-09-19, 22:59
I don't think it's as benign as the article might lead some people to believe, especially when the "view" is in the "real" world, i.e. when you're on a subway, or bus, as you're driving through certain neighborhoods, when questioning a man who isn't quite compos mentis, as in mentally disturbed or drunk, on drugs etc. When taking the subway daily it was, while not common, not exactly rare either. Another great one was using the press of people on a crowded car to get up close and personal. I learned to jab my high heel or the tip of my umbrella on what I thought were the offender's feet while loudly yelling "What the hell are you doing?". The first time, though, I almost vomited, and went back home to take a shower. I was only 22, and a very innocent 22. Since I was on a line that wasn't great, I asked for and got carfare if I was going to be late.

Among younger people it's more common and can be a form of "advertising", as was said. I obviously can't speak for all women, but I wouldn't respond well. I think it is sometimes a fundamental misunderstanding of how most women would respond. I do believe that in the opposite situation, a good number of men wouldn't be offended. We're just different, no matter what extreme feminists would like to believe.

The same divide exists when I talk to men or young boys about their reaction if a female teacher in high school had come on to them. Completely different reaction to mine.

13-09-19, 03:16
When it comes to this issue I must defer to the experience of women. My wife has told me that she learned never to respond to the honk of a car horn because she had, at least once, turned to see a man exposing himself to her in the car opposite. Men can indeed be pigs.

However, I don't accept the idea of toxic masculinity (I'm a guy after all who raised good sons), but the actions of some of my sex help me understand why fathers in a previous era locked their daughters in towers to protect them from undeserving men (see the movie Tom Jones) and why some cultures seal their women behind walls and veils. It's not fair, but it addresses a problem.

The story of the 20th century is that, in our zeal to free ourselves from the restrictions of past, to forget why our forefathers/foremothers established rules about the relationship of men and women. The passions and the selfishness of our basic nature requires a strong social structure to channel our energies into useful channels. Marriage was at one time the chief means to accomplish this. Unfortunately, we've decided that our grandfather and grandmothers were fools (perhaps because they didn't have cell phones or Netflix).

22-09-19, 19:48
because these men are dumb,no dick pics to a women that you want to really meet and to settle down,indeed there is a huge gap between the virtural life and the IRL,personally i'am quite shy,when come that part i don't do the helico-dick thing, so i don't send dick pics,i prefer use it with a real flesh and bones girl, i mean at least you live in a kind of 15th covent disconnected of the world any girl either under the medical way have seen a dick one time in her life,even on wikipedia,it's not good in fact to show your dick,it's made of you a very surperficial guy with nothing to said and a complete lack of culture,just good to seem and not to be,genuine girls don't like the peacocking young guys they like them older

23-09-19, 02:34
Dumb, misguided, not properly schooled by their parents, many have mistaken sex for love, and substituted dick pics for connecting with another human being. We don’t understand ourselves any better than we do others.

Real people are shy because meeting and understanding other people is daunting, but worth it.

30-09-19, 14:26
You cannot play with the most sensitive feelings of men! :laughing: So I think a woman doing such an experiment should be arrested immediately. :thinking:

16-11-19, 23:07
If she has not and will not ask for it I wouldn't send it until after sexual interaction. If you just send it for no reason without any good proof she wants to see it you might just scare her off and be deemed a creep