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Sofie Tveit
29-11-19, 09:04
Have you ever wondered, how it would be to use facial recognition in coffee vending machine to brew the coffee?

The technology now a days allow to install facial recognition in vending machine to brew the coffee of your choice. How?
The algorithm in the machine record and memorize the choice made by the individuals at time. And when they opt for drink at another time the machine identifies the individual and recommend itself the choice that are apt for the individual (with the help of recorded data).

Latest Twitter feed shows that around the globe some outlets uses facial recognition to provide soft drink service and make payment so that customers need not to carry cash with them.

Sofie Tveit
29-11-19, 11:04
I was searching for articles that speak about facial recognition in coffee vending machine. I have found that many talk about the facial recognition but none about facial recognition in coffee vending machine (https://thinkpalm.com/blogs/facial-recognition-ai-driven-smart-vending-machines-enhancing-retail-industry/) . I even came across the article that speak about facial recognition in retail stores.

Well some might be wondering how coffee and facial recognition can co-exist? One is a beloved morning beverage and other affiliate with the security feature. Here a vending machine equipped with facial recognition can figure out a customer's coffee preference based on their age and demographic. The main feature that highlighted here is the personalized choices and ease of making coffee. Youngsters may prefer sugary one and elders may opt for with-out. Instead of the person himself/herself making the choice the machine itself identifies the person and make the choice for himself/herself.

These choices are made on the basis of the past experience/choices made by the same individual. A technology giant once tried to develop such machine where the screen assistant is available. The screen enable the user to make choice from vast list (at first) and help machine to produce artificial smell/aroma so that the customer can make sound decision.

Recently one Twitter feed shows that one soft-drink manufacturer in China have developed a vending machine where the customer can make choices through the same technology.

AI and facial recognition are revolutionizing the retail industry and customer experience. Such technologies are helpful in increasing the customer engagement.

14-12-19, 15:05
Such technologies are extremely dangerous and bring us closer and closer to a "1984" world.

I've been fulminating about China's use of it, but the U.S. is getting into the act too, helped, by, of course, Amazon.


Amazon has those nice little drones too. How long before they will be used for "facial recognition". Or are they being used already?

Turkey is putting machine guns on theirs.

Welcome to the future.

This is why I don't believe in some forms of gun control. That's how Mussolini controlled Italy. One of the first things he did was confiscate guns and rifles.

Anyone who trusts that a government can't turn against its own citizens to stay in power is fooling themselves, and in the U.S. it won't be the Republicans. It's the far left Democrats who are talking about re-education camps for the non PC among us.

22-12-19, 12:51
Big Brother never stops reminds us that we are prisoners of our own devices. The truth is a slippery slope full of promises and deceit. It's time but what can be done to change the night mares or are we all stamped and sent to the that darkening challenge for hell. Taking a simple perspective really finds itself with too many loop holes.

Is there a solution that fits our hopes and dreams?

Sofie Tveit
30-12-19, 12:39
Anything that fall into wrong hands is danger.

If we use these inventions for our greater good, we can build a better world. With AI, ML and VR healthcare can benefit hugely. Just imagine, these high end techs can improve the living standard. Medical practitioners can detect, monitor, and cure the deceases (such as cancer) at the initial stage.

Millions will benefit from these.

30-12-19, 16:30
Questions with answers that we find less than satisfactory. Yet at times there are special moments when what is caring and believing in one another. The tug-of- war has it's chance at following those who want to believe. Maybe that's why there is still hope. I'm the first to question although I'm also looking for some good news and relieving a Charity of Hope. 2020 is one of those miracles considering another year to move beyond the noise of those who hate.