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05-01-20, 00:55
In Di Cristofaro et al. study ("Afghan Hindu Kush: Where Eurasian Sub-Continent Gene Flows Converge"), we find one Iranian sample IR4_4 from Khorasan who is E-M215+, but M35-.

Not sure anyone has ever noticed this sample. There is a Saudi, Qatari, Yemeni cluster of E-M281/V16. Some differences are huge, E-M281 cluster has dys458=11, Iranian dys458=18. Potential similarity is YCAII=21-22. M35 modal is 19-22 so their YCAIIa=21 might potentially be indication Iranian is also V16/M281+. IR4_4 E-M215* is 14/32 with Somali, Yemeni and Saudi. so per STR's this link easily jumps to 15000, 20000 years range..

Somali is only 5/37 with a Saudi, while one Yemeni is a bit more distant, about 9/37. So it seems Somali descends from Arabian peninsula.

I think this is an indication of how E-M35 wandered around the Middle East long before Natufians, and how ultimately Iberomaurusians got their dominantly Eurasian autosomes in the course of these ancient migrations.

There is one Nigerian who is also E-M215* not in cluster with E-M281. If Iranian is M281+ TMRCA of this clade in Near East must be old. This SSA link is about 34.6 k years distant. Evidence suggests clearly E-M281/V16 is rather Eurasian whether IR4_4 is M281+ or not. If he is M281+ then it is very Eurasian.