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18-02-20, 15:23
haplogroup IJ split into I and J 43 ka in Transcaucasia and carried the common west eurasian ancestry in the Laziridis Dzudzuana paper, ancestral to WHG
ca 30 ka haplo J carrying common west eurasian ancestry admixed with Basal Eurasian newcomers into Transcaucasia, creating the Dzudzuana ancestry

haplogroup QR carried ANE in LGM Siberia
R1b1a-L754 entered Europe from the east with ANE somewhere between 20 and 17 ka
it mixed with WHG creating EHG
it split at TRMCA 17,1 ka
its subclade R1b-L388 split further into P297 and V1636 15,6 ka

P297 went north into the Volga-forest zone, it carried EHG like the 6,5 ka Samara HG

R1b-V1636 went south to Ciskaukasia, where it mixed with haplo J
haplo J Dzudzuana + V1636 ANE = CHG (see Laziridis Dzudzuana paper)
while V1636 remained on a cline between EHG and CHG = steppe ancestry (see progress samples in Wang Caucasus paper)
this happened between 15,6 ka, the P297-V1636 split and 13,3 ka, the date of the haplo J Satsurblia CHG sample

ca 8,2 ka R1b-V1636 and a few J moved north from the Caucasus area to become fisher-hunters in the lower Volga area
ca 6,5 ka they mixed with hunters from the middle Volga to form the Khvalynsk
that is how steppe ancestry spread north
they must have spoken PIE
bot how did this PIE get south into Transcaucasia?

01-03-20, 14:33
Your questioning is interesting but I have no clue about concerned regions and times to put things forwards.

04-03-20, 01:29
Part of the theory you presented is correct, but the eneolitic yamnaya had an additional mixture of CHG. Just compare 'RUS_Karelia_HG' to 'RUS_Progress_En'. The Caucasian mixture in the steppes was not just a Paleolithic product