View Full Version : Does having more boys than girls run in families?

22-02-20, 18:56

This new study says it's down to chance, but I'd like to see the study replicated.

I sure see a lot of it.

22-02-20, 21:26
Hm, let's see with my family...my great-grandmother Alice had ten children, all girls (she was one of twelve born to an Irish immigrant mother and Acadian immigrant father), while the eight girls (the last two were twins who are inseparable and who have been made godmothers to many of their nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews, including myself among their number) who average 2.8 children between them. Seven of the eight have at least one son; of those seven, six have at least one daughter, and of the one without, he is an only child. Now to my father's side; he is one of three boys, who have all had at least one child, yet my father is the only one with sons, me and my brother. The elder brother Brian has two daughters and four grandchildren, three boys and one girl. My father has three, me, my brother, and my sister, with four grandchildren, two boys and two girls. The youngest brother John has a daughter and one grandson from her. Seems somewhat random to me, but it is a small sample size.