View Full Version : Hereditary Count & Nobleman of the Polish Kingdom and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

24-04-20, 01:18
What kind of phenotype is this?:


24-04-20, 02:42
There are two men and although they are shaking hands one seems to want to grab the title and the other seems to want not to let go, but it may be my subjective vision.

24-04-20, 03:37
The guy on the left looks more Germanic, while the guy on the right, very Polish, if only because he reminds me somewhat of the late Pope John Paul II, and is, of course, Polish. The guy on the left reminds me more of an Austrian professor than a nobleman.

29-06-20, 15:40
Guy on the left looks Polish, the smaller guy on right looks Polish with an Caucasian admixture, maybe an admixture of an tatar.

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29-06-20, 16:09
The one on the left is seen as German, English, French as wanting to force more German but at the same time be more English and the one on the left is seen as more Polish.

29-06-20, 16:33
Image search came up that the taller guy on the left is Murray Craig and the guy on the right is George William Helon.

Both are British but the smaller guy has Polish ancestors ;)

Interestingly on the following picture he looks very different.