View Full Version : New map of the Bell Beaker phenomenon

14-06-20, 17:54
I finally got around to create a map about the Bell Beaker phenomenon. It was a complex task as there are already many maps out there, but few agree on the distribution of the Beaker and the main hubs of this vast commercial network. Some maps show arrows of the probable diffusion of the beakers - although usually in a confused and highly hypothetical way. Others display the various regional subgroups. Yet, none seem to agree with one another. So I decided to adopt a new approach and show the density of beaker pottery. The high density areas are presumably the main trade hubs. As usual, to facilitate the visualisation I have added the borders of modern countries. I have also made a page about the genetics of the Bell Beakers (https://www.eupedia.com/genetics/bell_beaker_phenomenon.shtml).


14-06-20, 18:32
Interesting, Thanks. But I suppose it covers the allover BB's period, so without distinction between subperiods? The BB's story is a so complicated phenomenon, what explains the striking opposition of some views.

15-06-20, 08:54
Yes, the map shows all the Beaker pottery sites regardless of the chronology. It would not have been possible to show the progressive diffusion in a single map, and anyway there is no reliable data to do that.