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15-06-20, 10:17
I don't see a thread on famous E1b1b individuals yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to start one.

The first candidate I would like to propose is Metallica singer James Hetfield. According to geni.com, he is a descendant of Valentine Hatfield (1767-1840) of Russell county, Virginia. This individual is mentioned on the Hatfield/Hartsfield Project of Family Tree DNA as part of family 1, "descendants of George Hatfield of Southwest Virginia," who belong to E-M35.

To be fair, the genealogy on geni.com is traced back further to Matthias Hatfield (1640-1687) and Thomas Hatfield (b. 1602) from New Jersey. This original line is also represented on the Project, as family 4, and belongs to R1b-U152. But since no members of the Virginia branch to which James Hetfield apparently belongs are mentioned under family 4, I think James most likely is E-M35.

16-06-20, 00:58
Maciamo did
A very good job (go to the end of the page)


21-06-20, 11:19
Maciamo could you please look into this, it would so so cool to have James here, no matter if he is E-V13 or R1b U152

02-07-20, 03:52
American Evangelical Christian minister Rick Warren was a on the TV show "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates, season 1, episode 5. His paternal ancestry according to a DNA test for this episode showed that he belongs to haplogroup E1b1b1a.

25-07-20, 02:46
I am E-V13 and he would be a cousin, as I have Valentine Hatfield line in my dad side of the Tree. My E-V13 is from the Goode family Line as my GGF was actually illegitimate. Their E-V13 goes back to Sweden paper trail 1,000 years ago. I personally and a new clade off of S2979>BY6125>FT191655 in FTDNA I have no matches on YFULL yet as the 5 in FTDNA have yet to load into YFULL I am the American S2979 in YFULL as a new Line. My immediate American Family is from Central Kentucky

01-08-20, 01:40
Not so famous on general, but it looks on genetics circle yes. The ex head of Human Genome Organization Stilyanos Antonarakis belongs to E-V13. Confirmed by himself. He is from Athens.

08-08-20, 14:17
According to some Middle Easterners one of the descendants of Sultan Saladin tested as E-M34 (E-M123), the Natufian subclade. Saladin was supposedly Kurdish in origin.


08-08-20, 15:34
e-m34 is common in kurds 10% even 13.6% in kurds from iran could be .....:smile:

do you have a results of a male descendents or paternal relatives of him
to back it up .... :thinking:

10-08-20, 05:17
19th century American poet Sidney Lanier was E1b1b. He was a patrilineal descendant (according to multiple online genealogies) of Nicholas Lanier, whose French Huguenot family settled in England in 1561 and who became Master of the King's Music under Charles I in 1625. Multiple descendants of Nicholas have been tested and their results are shown on FTDNA's Lanier DNA Project.