View Full Version : Classify my ethnicity!

José Mª
22-08-20, 01:42
I've always wondered what do people think of my ethnicity based on what they can physically see of me, for I usually try to guess such things while I travel by bus.

Anyway, I'd like to ask two things:

1.) If you didn't know anything about me (not even the info on my profile), which would you say is my most probable ethnicity?

2.) Now knowing that I'm from the SE of Spain? My recent family too, but I'm not too sure about previous generations being in the SE, although I'd say the've always been in Spain.






22-08-20, 02:29
If I knew nothing I would have guessed Basque. Your eyes remind me to two Basque friends of mine.

Other than that you do look Spanish, with what in my opinion could be Celtic ancestry.

23-08-20, 11:01
You could easily pass for Southwest French.