View Full Version : "Real" focaccia

04-11-20, 17:11
Finally, thanks to Giallo Zafferano I've succeeded in making a "real" focaccia from its birthplace, not the doughy, soft mess I see on sale here.

It's always been about the flour mainly, and it seems the solution is mixing cake and "regular" bread flour to come close to Italian flour.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AprL_kNhLsY&lc=Ugy7kSWkxbX8HgcPLH94AaABAg. 9FHh_QDsSw29Fcqs0hE1AF

INGREDIENTS (2 baking sheets 30x40 cm)
Cake flour (W=280)
400 g Bread flour (W=400)
250 g Water 335 g (room temperature)
Fine salt 13 g
Barley malt syrup 10 g
Fresh yeast 18 g
Extra-virgin olive oil 30 g

TO OIL BAKING SHEETS Extra-virgin olive oil 30 g
TO OIL FOCACCIA Extra-virgin oilve oil 60 g
BRINE Salt 10 g Water 200 g

Next time I'll make deeper holes and sprinkle with kosher salt, and I also have to let it "prove" more and knead less maybe.


I want it to look like this:


The pursuit of perfection is exhausting. :)