View Full Version : Does anybody have info on J-FT350914 or J-FGC4422?

22-12-20, 10:27
I can't find anything online about them. FT350914 - FGC4422 - FGC4415 - FGC1695 - FGC1723 - FGC12. I heard FGC4415 can be linked with invasions but I'm not sure about the specifics of these downstream groups

18-02-21, 16:05
I belong to J1. If anyone wants information about J1 subclades you should contact the J1 Project at FTDNA especially Mr Mas who does graphs of relatedness.

J-FGC4422 is the descendant of J-FGC4415. I don't know anything about FT350914. What I can tell you is the J-FGC4422 is the parent SNP of some Arabian tribes e.g Banu Ghamid, Al-Marri. I don't think it has anything to do with invasions, unless it was associated with the Islamic push after the death of the Prophet.