View Full Version : Coronavirus vaccination and human DNA

29-12-20, 23:37
I don't know about other countries,
But here there is a lot of talk about on how Vaccination RNA may effect on Human DNA

offcourse such thing happened also with original Vaccination from Vacca =cow in order to fight Variola (smallPox)

so can someone answer the following questions responsibly

1) vaccination with non Human RNA can enter Human DNA? make a new kind of cells replacing some parts of human DNA
and how these multiply? with RNA or without?

if yes
2) multiply of vaccinated humans, could pass to sibllings? to new generation?

31-12-20, 22:17
The CDC, in another stupid move, did not prioritize the elderly. Republican led states like Texas, Florida and others are ignoring that and prioritizing people in nursing homes, over a certain age, and with pre-existing conditions.

For crying out loud, they're far more likely to die.

Meanwhile, work at home, young, upper class people are tweeting about how they got the vaccine. What the hell is going on??? WAKE UP CUOMO! Aren't 10,000 dead because Covid people went into nursing home beds enough?