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Mila Dimitrova
10-03-21, 22:39
I have just received my results from LivingDNA and my mtDNA is T1a. The information they sent me is very few. In eupedia I wrote that there are also Subclades of the different groups. How can I figure out witch Sucalde am I? Otherwise my results are not complete.

11-03-21, 11:11
The only way to know for sure the exact subclade is to order a Full mito sequence test ($159) from FTDNA or YSEQ ($145) (Living DNA and 23andme test only a limited number of snp's to give the user a rough orientation).


If you plan to continue with the genealogical research on you family and plan to test your brother for example, you can get a WGS test which would give you info about his Y-dna and his&your mt-DNA + autosomal data + important health information, if this is of interest (such test costs 300-400 USD at least). Prices are dropping down and many people opt for WGS tests because it is cheaper in long run compared to ordering dedicated Y-chr. or Mt-Full sequence tests.
YSEQ WGS400 seems to gain popularity pretty fast. The other popular options are Dante Labs and Nebula Genomics. But YSEQ service (on everything) seems to be just stellar.

Meanwhile you can check the subclades of T1 and origins here:

Mila Dimitrova
11-03-21, 14:05
Thank you very much for the detailed answer. May be I had to become a member of eupedia before having the tests in order to collect as much information as possible. I’ve done MyHeritage test first and after the LivingDNA. Instead I could have one of the suggested tests by you.