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15-03-21, 00:06
HI, Both Living DNA and 23and Me tell me my mtDNA is U5b1b1. Living DNA state that the European distribution of this haplogroup is -

Saami 40%
Finland 7%
Mordovia 3%
Bashkir 2%
Lithuania 2%
Slovenia 2%
Norway 2%
Russia 1%
Chuvashia 1%
Sweden 1%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1%

Recently I received my full-sequence results from FTDNA, and they refine my haplogroup as U5b1b1-T16192C! So, as I understand it, there was a mutation at position 16192 from the reference source, which is T to a C, which has then mutated back to source, I think designated with the '!' notation.

Anyway, my question is, the above percentages do not mention England. I understand the % of U5 in England is around 15%. Am I to understand that U5b1b1 in England is less that 1%? Wow, in that case U5b1b1-T16192C! must be much less. I would appreciate any comments to help me understand the above percentages. Kind regards, Leslie.

19-03-21, 12:14
From my research, U5b1b1 is an uncommon haplogroup. I know researches are also baffled at its distribution across Europe and North Africa. It continues to pop up randomly so it doesn't surprise me that England is not listed.

19-03-21, 14:03
LDNA does not list any mtDNA percentages for England. For instance, J1c is a fairly common mtDNA haplogroup for England, but England is not listed in its percentages of distribution either.