View Full Version : Jameslick analysis

10-06-21, 21:48
I am mtDNA haplogroup, U5b1b1, tested full sequence at FTDNA. I heard about the jameslick mtDNA analysis so uploaded my data file there. That resulted in several H2 subgroups as 'imperfect match' then at top states H2a2a1 as a 'good match', followed by many HVR1, HVR2 and CR markers. So this is a different result from FTDNA. How do I interpret these results. Thanks for advice.

Pax Augusta
10-06-21, 23:35
I would trust more full sequence at FTDNA rather than jameslick mtDNA analysis. My uneducated opinion.

11-06-21, 00:08
Thanks, yes the 'jamesclick' was just an estimate, but as it returned a completely different haplogroup I was looking for an opinion. Thanks for replying!