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18-06-21, 19:55
I am U5b1b1-T16192C! which is based on Phylotree data, which hasn't been updated since 2016. I recently uploaded to YFull and they, based on Genbank, classify this haplogroup as U5b1b1-b*. My last mutation was T16192C!, and the difference between my haplogroup and the one beneath (U5b1b1a) is the omission of mutation 16144.

Archaeological record VK143 was a Danish Viking who was one of those killed in the St. Brice's Day Massacre on 13 Nov 1002. He had the same haplogroup as me, and up to his death our mutation sequence is identical. So can mutations be dated? I'm wondering whether my line came to England, through Europe via Scandinavia? 90% of my YFull matches (48 of them in three clades below) are marked as from archaeological sites in Finland or earliest female ancestor. There's a few Norwegian, Swedish, and a single Dane, also some from Poland and Belarus. About 40 are unmarked locations.