View Full Version : Is AncestryDNA accurate?

15-09-21, 21:50
Hello everyone! I am new to dna testing and dna calculators. After I recieved my AncestryDna results I wanted to know more and more.

I am originally from western Turkey (Aydin) yet scored 70% Turkey/Caucasus but when uploading my dna to gedmatch I've gotten turkish results then I uploaded them to Vahaduo and got lots of greek and armenian.

In my opinion it would make sense that I am sort of Greco-Armenian since I am from aydin and my mothers side is from Ağri but many turkish people tell me I am a turk and tell me I am a turk in denial. I am really not that. I read up on history and know that most western anatolians are descended from Balkan people/Greeks while eastern Anatolia it's usually persians or armenians.

I don't identify with turkish culture nor do I like the country. I went there but it didn't really resonate with me. I also look greek. When turks meet me for the first time they think I am greek, even albanians see me more as a greek. I have curls and I'm pale af lol. Just wanted to tell you guys something about myself so you get the picture.

So now I am wondering what is accurate. Ancestry also placed me in the pontic greek community. But when asking about that and sharing my gedmatch results on the gedmatch forum I was told I am not a pontic greek, just an average turk. So idk guys this really irritates me. I did this test to find out my roots and now I am left with more questions than before.

I also shared my DNA results in a turkish Facebook group and they told me I am an average anatolian turk.

Are my ancestry results correct? Is Vahaduo even accurate?