View Full Version : The Last Duel (Reviews, Thoughts)

16-10-21, 19:42
I just recently watched the movie, below are my thoughts...

A good portrayal of the life of nobles in Medieval Europe, the discussions of rents and the economy of the time.
The Chivalry aspect, the titles and code of honor, very much ego driven, some men have good moral character others do not... often those that rise politically are of the latter...the moral ones are regarded as simpletons only good for throwing at wars to benefit the former...
A woman's life in a Patriarchal Society is very much, you are only an extension of your husband, if you are violated it is really only the honor of your husband that is hurt not yours...

Takes place in Medieval France and you decide to hire big name American actors who don't even bother to speak French or even speak with a convincible accent, even the attempts at a British accent are atrocious :laughing:
Repetitive scenes we have to see the story from the point of view of three characters which all repeat several scenes exactly the same...it would of been much better to have different interpretations for each character or just cut out scenes that are repeated...why make us watch the same exact scenes twice especially if they are ones that are brutal to begin with and only need one viewing :mad:
Most of us came for a duel, the film is much more of a court drama that gives us a tiny taste of the duel at the start only to finally return to the action after enduring over 2 hours of drawn out dialogues...again if scenes weren't repeated so many times it might of been more engrossing...

I would say if you really really like Medieval movies watch a matinee, if it had more action I would say watch at full price and more than once, but sadly this is no "Gladiator":sadcry: If you really want a Medieval film that comes close to "Gladiator" I highly suggest watching "The King" on Netflix, that was a much better film at all levels. I would even recommend "The Outlaw King" also on Netflix over this movie. If you think I'm being too harsh let me know below...I mean come on Ben Affleck is platinum blonde in this how can anyone buy into that :lol2: