View Full Version : SNP footprint of DNA testing compagnies ?

04-12-21, 11:40

I'm trying to compare a bit some DNA testing compagnies.
To do so, I'ld like to have the footprint of the tested SNP by each compagnie (the position on the genome where the compagnie extract the DNA).

Does someone knows if such information can be found on internet ?
I made my own test with 23andMe V5, thus I know their footprint.

If the information is not available on the web, I'ld be interested by empty-files (without any DNA information inside, basically a RAW-file after removing all the A,G,T,C and replacing them by blanks) juste listing the genomic positions used by each compagny.


04-12-21, 18:26
What do you need? Maybe this will be useful if you are interested in finding out from which combination of tests you will get a greater coverage of the genome. https: //isogg.org/wiki/Autosomal_SNP_comparison_chart

Basically the list of the genomic positions tested by each compagny.
The link you propose give the total overlap, what I'm trying to do is to performed a more localised analysis of this overlap depending on the location on the chromosomes.