View Full Version : Where to find Vahaduo code/coordinates

10-04-22, 18:20
If you are looking for vahaduo code/coordinates, you can find them in the link below, courteous of Salento:


10-04-22, 19:59
Thank you 🤗

12-04-22, 16:08
So we do not have smaller/bigger regions coordinates?

16-07-22, 12:30
So we do not have smaller/bigger regions coordinates?

The 2 best sources I know of are Vahaduo's page (recently updated to include a G25 coordinates download section), and "G25 Ancient and Modern by Michalis Moriopoulos" (search Google).

I was able to find lots of regions for Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Russia (west), Ukraine (some), Finland (some), and a few regions for a few other countries.

It's amazing that I was able to find only a single region for England (Cornwall). None for any of the other British Isles countries.