View Full Version : Question regarding MTA’s Deep Dives

12-06-22, 21:18
I have a question regarding MTA’s deep dive matches, particularly where the haplogroup feature is concerned. When I click r1b on the Y-DNA breakdown wheel, I see several deep dive matches for the subclade r1b-U152>L2, as well as the haplogroups R1a and I2a2. However, my actual Y-DNA is r1b-L21 (which I also see several deep dive matches for). Is it possible that MTA’s deep dive function has been able to identify male ancestors of mine, perhaps on my mother’s side, or on my father’s maternal line, as belonging to r1b-U152>L2, R1a and I2a2?

I’m just curious about this because I have read that deep dive matches refer to actual segments of DNA we share with the given samples. I’m hoping someone can help to clarify things on this matter.

31-07-22, 05:51
Your matches with Deep Dive are autosomal not YDNA.