View Full Version : IOC Clears Iraqi Flag for Athens Olympics

27-02-04, 20:22
It looks like Iraq is returning to the Games... :cool:

ATHENS, Greece - Iraq was reinstated by the IOC on Friday, clearing the way for Iraqi athletes to compete under their national flag at the Athens Olympics.

As many as two dozen Iraqi athletes are expected to compete at the Aug. 13-29 games in wrestling, track and field, swimming, boxing, weightlifting and taekwondo. The Iraqi soccer team also is attempting to qualify.

Yahoo! News (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=514&e=10&u=/ap/20040227/ap_on_sp_ol/oly_ioc_iraq)

Eternal Wind
27-02-04, 22:33
Well,it is a good start for the iraqi ppl for a new taste of life...

02-03-04, 01:30
Yes indeed. This should be the first step towards having the U.S. leave Iraq. I think when Bush is ousted, the troops will leave faster, and Japan will wrap up their mission by next year, but then again, I may be getting a tad ahead of meself.