View Full Version : New Dinosaur Fossils Found in Antarctica

27-02-04, 19:42
Here's an article on an interesting fossil discovery in Antarctica:

WASHINGTON - Frozen Antarctica has yielded two of its secrets, previously unknown types of dinosaurs that lived there millions of years ago when the climate was milder.

The discoveries, made thousands of miles apart, were announced Thursday by the National Science Foundation.

Yahoo! News (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=624&ncid=753&e=1&u=/ap/20040227/ap_on_sc/new_dinosaurs)

27-02-04, 20:02
Wow now i've always thought archieologist were interesting. i would love to be one. that would be spiffy!

Eternal Wind
27-02-04, 21:35
Yes yes,and we may uncover many many weird things from the past!!And maybe bizzare thingy!!:D:D

28-02-04, 05:06
That is very interesting. I don't even understand how fish (or anything besides birds and mammals) can survive in the coldest parts of the world :).

28-02-04, 09:01
Perhaps at the time, it wasn't the coldest part of the world.
Does the word...PANGAEA mean anything to you? :bluush:

28-02-04, 11:26
Of course I'm aware that the climate has evolved. I guess I just meant it as a trivial comparision that not even knowing something as basic as how antarctic fish regulate their body heat can make dinosaurs seem that much more awe inspiring.

Eternal Wind
28-02-04, 11:38
Sorry for my lack of intelligence,but what is Panagaea??I can't find the meaning in my Dictionary...